Drawing a daily Tarot card


Drawing a daily Tarot card…

is a moment you take for yourself every day, preferably in the morning just after you rise. (wash your face and brush your teeth first)

First, find a quiet place to sit, (preferably the same one you use every day), making sure that you have everything you need close at hand. (Tarot cards, notebook, pen)

Then, take your Tarot deck, and shuffle the cards slowly. If you have any questions you are looking to receive answers for, now would be a good time to ask them. Silently, if there is a chance you will be overheard, otherwise out loud.

When you’re finished shuffling your Tarot deck, close your eyes and pick one of the cards. Slowly open your eyes and take a long look. This is your daily Tarot card for today.

Looking at your chosen card, sit quietly for a few minutes and let your intuition guide you what messages these images are bringing, as these are a direct link to the energy which is surrounding you today.

In your notebook, write down your thoughts about the card, including any intuitive flashes you have. Make sure you add the date and time so you can easily refer to these notes later.Once you’ve finished looking at your daily card, start the rest of your day with a positive feeling, knowing that the energy you have tapped into is yours to use for the rest of the day.

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