Your Very First Magickal Prophecy — I am going to reveal to yo…

Your Very First Magickal Prophecy

I am going to reveal to you an easy method of Prophecy called Scrying. The first thing you required to do is to acquire some sort of reflective item … like a crystal or a mirror ball. If you follow the instructions, this will in fact enable you to capture a peek of things to come.

Now, dim the lights, and light a few incense sticks, just to get you in the mood. The only light that can remain in the room you’re using is a dim one, such as a candle placed behind you. Cover the table you are going to utilize with a dark cloth or piece of material. Position the item you selected to utilize for Scrying on the cloth top of the table.

Start by doing a light meditation (like asking the universe for guidance) so you can enter a meditative state, which will set the tone for what you’ll be doing. When you’ve prepared yourself, open your eyes and look at the surface area of your scrying instrument. Your focus needs to move past the surface area to a point somewhere around 10 to 15  centimeters beyond the surface area. This might or might not work for you, however it is the very best method to move your focus for scrying. Have you ever taken a look at one of those images that consist of colored splotches and/or dots and needed to “look beyond” the surface area to bring the three-dimensional image to the foreground? It’s the same concept utilized here for scrying.

Attempt to keep your mind in a blank state, open up to whatever might be revealed to you, as the universe always gives you the answers you need, not just the ones you want to hear. Your eyes will wish to blink. That’s OK, let them blink and restore your shift in focus. Keep your scrying time limited to no more than 10 or twenty minutes when you are just starting. If after 20 minutes there is no result, put everything away and attempt it again at some other time.

Images you see might appear to you in many forms. Some might be complete images, even moving photos as though you are enjoying a motion picture. That is not typical, particularly when you are first starting. Initially you might just get a “mist” or “cloud” which might ultimately part to enable visions to appear, or it might simply move in a certain direction to answer your yes or no concerns.

These might be basic signs left open for your interpretation. If you do see any images, they will indicate something close to you, which are not always the signs you might discover written in a book. A pet might usually represent commitment or defense, however if you over lived a traumatizing a pet attack, it might indicate something completely different to you.

Yours in L.V.X.


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