Before you take another breath

Before you take another breath

We will discover, that when we begin any new field of endeavor, the entire power of the universe is behind us to help us reach the next plateau in our spiritual journey. The main function of our humanity is to offer an open expression of the highest potencies of the Life-power.

This video will help you understand the importance of using the key characteristics of the Fool (Key 0) of the Tarot, when beginning any new course of study.

A crucial form taken by the Life-power when it first manifests itself into this reality, and the very first thing you need to utilize, is air. You need to discover how to manage it by finding out how to breathe. Simply by finding out how to take deep breaths which fill your lungs completely. These should provide free play to the stomach muscles throughout the act of inhalation. Keep in mind, you do not need to draw in your breath. Air pressure looks after that for you. You just need to broaden your rib cage and the air will speed right into your lungs.

Do not make the error of attempting to force air into your chest. Let the muscles in your diaphragm, just below your ribs do most of the work. If done effectively, you will feel your diaphragm expand in the little of your back, the sides, and along the front of your body.

Bear in mind the image of the air permeating every part of your lungs to supply your blood with the oxygen it needs to allow you to function optimally. Initially it takes careful attention to make your breathing deep and routine, but constant practice will help you to develop good habits.

Make no effort to maintain this deep breathing during the day. Take four deep breaths when you wake up in the morning. Breathe out as much air as can handle without causing yourself any stress. Keep in mind that you should breathe out prior to taking the very first of these four deep breaths.

Throughout the day, repeat this breathing exercise at midday, right before dinner, and just before retiring at night. The remainder of the day you are just required to determine that you are getting the proper amount of air when you breathe. Your subconsciousness will establish the correct rhythm. Do not attempt any special technique such as are given in some books which claim to teach the art of breathing for spiritual advancement. Most of these breathing techniques have no useful value. The couple which do work are likewise hazardous unless you practice them under the guidance of a competent instructor skilled in evaluating your condition.

Listen to your breathing. It must be virtually inaudible. You’re breathing incorrectly if you’re breathing noisily. The solution is to slow the alternate contraction and expansion of your diaphragm.

Adhere strictly to these guidelines and observe the aforementioned durations while conscientiously taking your deep breaths. The remainder of the time it is best to let the subconsciousness do all the work. If you make up your mind to set your intent, it will. If you are suddenly disturbed by something, take four deep breaths prior to thinking, saying, or doing, or doing anything whatsoever.

The Fool – from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

The value of breath is displayed in the importance of the Fool, which is the first card of the Tarot. To the Fool is assigned the Hebrew letter Aleph and in Hebrew esotericism, this letter is a unique indication for air and breath. The noun “fool”, furthermore, is stemmed from the Latin word follis, indicating a “bag of wind”, and to this day we call a loud, ridiculously sounding individual a “windbag”.

Follis likewise suggests “bellows”, an instrument which utilizes air to stoke a fire. This is also the way our lungs work.

The yellow color as the background of the Fool is used by the schools of Western Tradition as a sign for air. Add to this the fact that in nearly human language words which imply wind, breath or air also designate life and spiritual energy. You can now start to comprehend why occultism stresses the significance of starting anything useful by discovering how to breathe.

The Tarot title for the Life-power is extremely innovative. It informs us what we require to understand, and at the same time, confuses the curious.

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