About us

Hi, my name is Shaun and I founded Unicorn Systemz in 1983. The object was to blend technology and spirituality.

Since that time, Unicorn Systemz now provides free psychic advice through our free daily Tarot card readings, Chinese astrology, Biorhythms and ESP testing. We also have a daily Tarot and Lenormand card Android app and have developed and still market the eScopes & Aura Analysis hardware and software.

We’re a small group of dedicated individuals who love both their computers and their Tarot cards. A match made in heaven.

Free psychic advice can be found on our Psychic Advice pages where we have a blend of daily Tarot card readings, Chinese astrology, and Biorhythms to help you on your spiritual path.

This advice is free, albeit digital, and is available in English, Dutch and Indonesian.


We also have a number of Android apps (sorry iPhone users) and this is a link to our developer page in the Google Play store.

We have two YouTube channels, one of which is devoted to the Mystical Arts while the other one is just a collection of videos I’ve made over the years and uploaded to YouTube. You are welcome to view both channels and if you find them interesting enough, please like the video you’re watching, subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below the video. I answer all of the comments, usually within 24 hours.